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Late night bite

In Food on September 20, 2010 at 2:27 pm

The Margarita pizza topped with parmesan and fresh basil

The line at Artichoke at 4am

It’s 4am and you’re hungry. You can stumble into your typical diner and order the same greasy food you always do after a night of debaucherous drinking or you can hop in a taxi and tell your cabbie to take you to the east village. Artichoke Basilles Pizzeria is open for those who are up way past their bedtime.But don’t expect to be the only vampire out looking for late night grub. Artichoke almost always has a line in the early hours of the morning, but it is well worth the wait.

And if you are in good company the line moves a lot quicker than expected. While I do recommend Artichoke for a great late night spot, I have never been during their off-peak hours. I would probably feel a little more guilty indulging in a big slice of pizza if I were sober.

Chunks of cheese getting topped on the dough

Slice of artichoke pizza...yummy!

The slices are around $4.50 and they are huge. You have four options to choose from. The artichoke, Sicilian, margarita, and crab. They are all pretty damn good but my favorite is their signature “artichoke pizza”.  The crust is thick and the bottom is lightly burnt for added crisp. The artichokes are chopped up, although I would prefer to sink my teeth into some big chunks, and the spinach is fresh and creamy. The delicious white sauce and chunks of cheese slabbed on top may send you to the gym the next day. Yes it is a little rich and greasy but what do you expect at four in the morning, diet food?

Undeniably good crab pizza

Despite a little grease,long lines and no seating, Artichoke will satisfy your late night hunger. In the city that never sleeps, this is one place that definitely makes drinking more fun.

Artichoke Basilles
328 E. 14th St.
(between 1st Ave. and 2nd Ave.)
East Village, NYC, 10003

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