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Preserving the Past

In Food on September 15, 2010 at 3:20 pm

New York’s famous, 89 year old Vesuvio Bakery , once a part of Soho, no longer exists at 160 Prince Street. Although the store has been literally untouched, what’s on the inside is revolutionary.  Now known as Birdbath Bakery, City Bakery’s owner Maury Rubin has launched this environmentally friendly shop. With walls made of wheat and cups made from corn, this bakery is entirely “green”. Even the bicycle driven cargo rickshaw, which was sitting in front of the storefront while I was visiting, is used to deliver baked goods from their East Village location to their Soho location.

I was immediately drawn to their over sized cookies the minute I walked through the doors. With four choices to choose from it was obvious I was going to order one of each. The chocolate chip cookie was moist and chewy. The chocolate with white chocolate chunks cookie was also moist, yet crumbly. Although I am not a fan of raisins, I thoroughly enjoyed the oatmeal raisin cookie. It tasted like the best cookie shaped granola bar I have ever eaten. But my favorite of all was the coconut cookie. My taste buds were in a state of confusion. I was indulging in the taste of sweet coconut cooked into the chewy cookie dough, yet I was also hit with the flavors of salty, buttery decadence.

And if you want the perfect refresher try the non-alcoholic sangria (hibiscus tea with cherry and pomegranate juices).

The store itself is fun and cute and the staff is super friendly and always willing to give suggestions. The ingredients are fresh and the they offer vegan options. The massive cookies are marvelously rich and chewy. The price tag may seem steep to some at $2.50 a cookie but it is definitely worth the expense when you taste these heavenly treats. This is a perfect addition to the neighborhood.

Although Vesuvio Bakery was much adored, Birdbath is slowly growing its own adoration.

160 Prince St
(between Broadway & Thompson St)
Manhattan, NY 10012
212) 612-3066
map it
  1. nice! now i know where i’m going this weekend 😀 the cookies look amazing! thanks helya for the great recommendation!

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