Life in the big city, and everything in between.

About Me

My name is Helya Mohammadian. Welcome to my blog! I grew up in a small town in Louisiana and moved to New York City when I was 21. I have two wonderful parents and an amazing sister and brother.   When I was a young girl I always dreamed of living in the greatest city in the world. I am fortunate to live that dream and share my experiences.

You will find that a lot of my posts will be about food. Although I am a horrible cook , I love to eat. If I haven’t already tried it I would love the chance to.

Living in New York has given me the opportunity to experience food on a different level. From an underground izakaya to a back door speak easy, New York has a plethora of food options. Exploring these food options has opened my eyes and given me a new understanding to so many amazing cultures.

Another interest that I will share with you is my love of fashion. I graduated from FIT with a degree in Fashion Design.When I was nine years old I made a makeshift book (a bunch of loose leaf paper stapled together) full of my sketches for a swimsuit collection. I think my mom still has it somewhere back home waiting to embarrass me.

Fashion isn’t just about shopping and keeping up with the latest trends. To me it is just one way we can represent ourselves and express our individuality.

Another one of the most satisfying experiences that I will also share with you is my love of travel. Traveling brings about so many rewards. For me, venturing off into unfamiliar places is exciting. You learn so much about people, as well as yourself. I always gain a new perspective and appreciate life when I travel and explore different destinations.

My love for food, fashion, culture, and travel are just a few interests that I will share with you.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Truly, Helya

  1. Good stuff Helya, keeo up the good work!

  2. oh and Im the first! lol

  3. One VERY long word… AWWWWWWWWESOME!
    Never knew you were a foodie! *huge grin* ^_^

  4. Great blog Helya! I am in NY for a couple of days and will certainly check out some of your favorite places. Keep up the good work.

  5. So talented! So proud to call you my sister!! food and travel are my most favorite things too, im glad we share that in common!! i love your blog, very impressive babe! 🙂

  6. Helya! What a fun, informative blog! Funny thing, I still VIVIDLY remember your sketches! You were born talented. So glad to see you living your dream. I too love the excitement of travel and the unknown. And, of course food! If I ever make it to NYC, I would LOVE to see you!

  7. I need more reference to ‘Ruston’ on this blog.

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