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In Food on September 6, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Opening Thursday, September 6th. Wine bar. Mediterranean plates. Lunch & Evening service.

 PORSENA EXTRA BAR has a fleeting and changing menu, reflecting inspirations from the Mediterranean, random travels by Sara, and found ingredients.


* Lamb tartar, fine burghul, parsley

* Verdure sott’olio, lightly pickled vegetables

* Yellowfin tuna puttanesca, raw tuna, spicy tomato

* Green and yellow summer squash, tomato

* Lemon potatoes, caviar

* Escabeche, pickled mussels, house made giardiniera

* Surryano ham, spicy greens

* Mortadella mousse, sott’acetti, crostini

* ”Manteca”, caciocavallo, podolica butter, warm bread

* Raw milk cheese, rhubarb relish, toast


Pane e companatico:

* Eggplant puree, spicy red pepper walnut puree, cucumber & labne, Sardinian flat bread

* Surryano ham, cantaloupe melon butter, cornichons, stecca

* Grilled “kimcheese”, white American, aged cheddar, kim chee, mayo, pullman

* Salami, spicy fig jam, sweet butter, stirato


* Little gem, pickled herring, croutons, shaved grana padana

* Farro, arugula, tomato, cucumber, olive oil, red wine vinegar

* Italian olive packed tuna, fingerling potatoes, red onions, celery

* Fennel, radish, orange , red onion, parsley leaf, aleppo pepper


* Spaghettini aglio, olio, pepperoncino

* Spaghettini al norcino, garlic sausage, fresh cows milk ricotta, black pepper

Porsena Extra Bar!

Open Thursday, September 6th!

Next door at PORSENA

SEPTEMBER Calabria Dining Series

starting Monday, September 10th

   Read Sara speaking of Mediterranean picnics in

the New York Times!

Chef Sara in the NY Times

Check out details on


& Sara’s Tumblr page

Teverina Dreaming

Porsena Extra Bar

21 East 7th street
New York, NY 10003

tel. 212.228.4923



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