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White Manna Hamburgers

In Food on November 10, 2011 at 7:27 pm

As soon as I saw this tiny diner I knew I was in for something really really special. Just the exterior alone made me giddy like a little school girl. It was absolutely adorable! I felt like I was on the set of an old fashioned movie. What was I about to embark on?

What led me here were countless tips for the best sliders around. While Hackensack, NJ wasn’t where I envisioned these little treasures, I was surprisingly mistaken. Although I have heard of White Manna hamburgers, I had no idea what to expect. Opening the door of the little diner I was met with the amazing aroma of sizzling onions. There aren’t that many stools so we quickly grabbed two right front and center.

We ordered four hamburgers, cheese fries, and two soda fountain drinks. Then our friendly cook plopped down four small fresh meatballs and went to town with her spatula. With the back of the spatula she just slightly flattened them and covered the patties with cheese and white onions. Once the patties and onions were almost done she placed a Martin’s Famous potato roll on top. They were served to us on paper plates with a handful of crispy pickles on the side.

Although the burgers are small, they are juicy and flavorful. Everything from the onions to the moist potato roll add to the overall awesomeness of the White Manna slider. These little grease ball sliders come with plenty of onions and cheese all in a wonderfully fluffy steamy potato roll.

The crinkle cut fries are also to die for. Make sure to get a side of cheese to enhance the already euphoric feeling you will have while eating these.

My consensus: the best sliders I have ever had. No, really! This place is in a league of it’s own.

358 River St
Hackensack, NJ 07601

(201) 342-0914

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