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Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

In Food on August 12, 2011 at 10:26 am

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck usually sets up shop in Union Square.

The story behind the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is one that a lot of us envision but never execute. The owner, a New York City musician, had a concept of taking plain soft-serve and adding fun and eclectic toppings.  Having absolutely no experience whatsoever, through a playful and positive attitude and tons of research his dream became a reality. How often do you daydream in your office, maybe on the treadmill at the gym, or driving in your car and visualize some great business idea. Well, I know I do that quite a bit. Anyhow, this is proof that a simple idea (with a unique twist) can be brought to life.

With that being said I decided to get on board with all the hype and actually stand in line for a big, gay vanilla cone. The combination’s are pretty interesting. For example, the CocoCone with large flakes of coconut pan toasted with a light dusting of curry powder or the Wasabi Cone, which is just their vanilla ice cream rolled in crushed wasabi peas. And the names are rather catchy, like The Salty Pimp or the Bea Arthur. However, the chosen winner was the Monday Sundae. Take a waffle cone lined with Nutella , twist ice cream, Dulce de Leche, sea salt, and whipped cream and you have your Monday Sundae. First off, how can you go wrong with any of those toppings? The sweet and savory flavors were dancing together on my tongue and my taste buds loved it!  But once you break through that whole outer shell and get down to the core of the ice cream, well, it’s nothing extraordinary. Maybe I was expecting something more. I mean it is just plain soft serve. I remember when I was a kid and getting excited when my dad would take me through the drive thru of McD’s  for soft serve ice cream in a little wafer cone. Well, my soft serve from BGICT didn’t give me that same excitement.

The Monday Sundea was a combination of sweet and savory.

If you have time to spare and you don’t mind waiting in line for something sweet, then I would say try it just for the unique toppings. However, I wouldn’t trek through the city to find this truck. The bottom line is that while the toppings are interesting, and the service is friendly and fun, the main ingredient just doesn’t bring it all together. It’s great on a hot summer day but I am sure you can find a Mister Softee on just about any block.

Broadway & 17th St
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhoods: Flatiron, Union Square


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