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Cheong Hae Jin in Flushing

In Food on June 20, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Cheong Hae Jin Korean restaurant in Flushing, Queens… if you haven’t been you are missing out. Korean and Chinese immigrants began to settle in Flushing by the late 1970s, and have predominated since the 1980s. The representation of the Asian community makes the eating possibilities in Flushing most delicious.
One thing I can say is you eat like a king at Cheong Hae Jin. You are started off with many side dishes like a big plate of tempura, grilled delicious corn, little fried anchovies, and my favorite which was the savory steamed egg custard. Yummy! All of the seafood is so well prepared and fresh. The biggest and nicest surprise was the huge platter of sashimi. It was definitely not what I expected in a Korean restaurant. I can’t remember the name of everything we ate but check out some pictures from our dinner below.

Fresh squid salad with a delicious spicy sauce.

Grilled corn

Chicken skewers


Soft shell crab


Crab salad

Fluke sashimi

Sashimi platter

16018 Northern Blvd
New York, NY 11358
Neighborhoods: Flushing, Murray Hill

(718) 460-0500

  1. Yum.. i can’t wait to come visit!!

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