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Roast Beef at Bowery Beef

In Food on May 31, 2011 at 11:26 pm

Inside the Bowery Poetry Club and Cafe is a fairly simple looking counter that displays some baked goods, including delicious moon-pies, and a meat slicer that shaves some of the thinnest, tastiest roast beef sandwiches you will find in New York City. I’m talking about the Bowery Beef in Manhattan’s lower east side. I can’t tell you how many times I have probably passed this place not realizing that I was missing out on a jewel.

The menu is very simple. You order a roast beef sandwich with their special bbq sauce in a junior or regular size (for only $5 dollars). You also have the option to add cheese whiz. I know, it is processed cheese but it really makes the sandwich all the better. It can get messy so you will probably find yourself licking your fingers half way through. If you can’t handle that, they also have a choice of American cheese. Whatever you choose to top it off with, the roast beef is the real star here.

You will be amazed at how much meat they can fit between the bun. They stack slices upon slices of thinly shaved, perfectly pink, roasted beef on a lightly toasted hamburger bun. If it’s your first go around I suggest getting the sandwich with everything on it. Although, I actually prefer it without the bread and just a little bit of sauce so you can really taste how lean the meat is. That’s what they call the “dogshit”. The name doesn’t indicate how truly appetizing this mountain of beef is.

I even had my first Bosco chocolate soda from a fountain at Bowery Beef. The idea of chocolate soda initially sounded unappealing to me. But I have to say it was amazing! It tastes pretty much what you would expect a chocolate soda to taste like: chocolate.

This place has a real laid back vibe and the staff is wonderful. In fact, the “behind-the-counter” roast beef master, Johnny, has a real sandwich making talent whether he likes it or not.

If not for the signs out front you may pass it by. But it won’t be long till New Yorker’s catch wind of this roast beef mecca in the heart of the Bowery.

(between Houston St & 1st St)
Manhattan, NY 10012
Neighborhoods: NoHo, East Village

(212) 260-3300


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