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Madison Square Eats: Open Until June 3rd

In Food on May 9, 2011 at 10:52 pm

I love the beautiful tulips in Madison Square Park.

What’s better than spending a gorgeous 70 degree day in Madison Square Park? How about spending it eating at the month long Madison Square Eats Market. This foodie street fair brings the city’s best food and artisans. I stopped by the food festival today and splurged on some pretty savory and sweet treats!

If you love pate, mousse, and/or rillette then you will love all of the delectable gourmet specialties at Meunier. The classic country pate is pork based enhanced with natural seasonings and coarsely textured and wrapped in slivers of pork-back fat. The pate was served on a fresh baguette with cornichons and a small side salad. Delicious!

Pork pate with cornichons served in a fresh baguette.

Also from Meunier was the chicken liver mousse, which is fresh chicken livers marinated in spiced Port wine, then combined with rich pork fat to create a silky and creamy texture. Is your mouth watering yet? I loved that it was served open faced with a few sprinkles of raisins. I’m usually not a big fan of raisins but it was the perfect sweet touch to the ultra savory chicken liver mousse.

Liver mousse open-face sandwich sprinkled with raisins.

At Eately’s booth the main focus was “a good fry is a light fry”. I couldn’t agree more. The pork ribs were lightly fried and sprinkled with sugar. The meat was so tender and juicy and slipped right off the bone. The sugar was a unique touch and made me want to go back for more.

Lightly fried pork ribs from Eately.

Sugar on pork ribs equals brilliant!

Another highlight from Eately was the fried local fish and potato skewers.

Lightly fried local fish and potato skewer.

And of course one of my favorites of the evening… Roberta’s Pizza. I had the Specken Wolf Pizza which is topped with mozzarella, speck, onions, mushrooms, and oregano. The textures combined with the perfectly warmed crust and cheese made it unforgettable.

Specken Wolf pizza from Roberta's was delicious!

For dessert I had the honey vanilla ice cream from Goat Town. Wow! Words can’t even describe how good this was. If you want something indulgent try the honey vanilla flavor or for something completely different, the bitter chocolate mint. I personally want to try the salted caramel pretzel ice cream next time.

The market is centered in Worth Square on the west side of Madison Square Park between Fifth Avenue and Broadway. There are many other vendors that I can’t wait to try on my next visit like Asiadog, Sigmund Pretzelshop, Bar Suzette, and Calexico.

This is the perfect spring time event. And you can try some new and interesting treats each time you go. But don’t wait too long because the market is only open until June 3rd. Bon Appetit!

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