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J.G. Melon: A Fine Burger Institution

In Food on May 5, 2011 at 3:04 pm

I have been wanting to try J.G. Melon on the Upper East Side for some time now. It’s usually packed at dinner, with lines running out the door, but we got lucky and got a table right away. The space is tight and the atmosphere is not presumptuousness, although the patrons themselves may be. The burger at J.G. Melon is one of the most traditional burgers I have tried in NYC. Don’t get me wrong, I love a burger with caramelized onions or laced with truffle oil, but when it comes down to it, the less toppings the better, for me at least.

They make one hell of a burger in that tiny kitchen. It is about 5 ounces, which is more than enough. The bun is plain and lightly toasted and fluffy. You get no lettuce here, just red onions and pickles to add to your bacon cheeseburger. We ordered a medium rare burger and it was awesome! Perfectly juicy and packed with flavor!

Pumping out some amazing burgers from this small kitchen!

A burger for true burger lovers!

The cottage fries are some of the best I have ever had. It’s actually my new guilty pleasure. They have a potato chip like shape and if you get one that’s well done it tastes like a Ruffle’s potato chip. But I really like the ones that deflate in your mouth. They are nice and chewy on the inside, with a slight crisp on the outside. The only bad thing about them is you may get addicted.

Crisp and fluffly one-of-a-kind cottage fries.

It’s best to avoid this place during peak hours. I didn’t have a problem with the service, although I have read reviews that the service is lacking. But really you are eating in a pub so what do you expect? Do expect to eat there with a bunch of suits, they love this place.

The kitchen is open til 2am so if you are a night owl like me this is perfect for you. It’s a no frills place with easily one of the best burgers I have tried in NYC.  If you go in looking to have fun, a few cheap beers and a great burger, I see no reason why this wouldn’t fit the bill.

1291 3rd Ave
(between 74th St & 75th St)
New York, NY 10021
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

(212) 650-1310

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  1. What’s wrong with suits?? I love cottage fries!

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