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momofuku milk bar

In Food on March 23, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Cereal Milk at Momofuko Milk Bar.

I am not one to go out for dessert, however, if you are going to trademark it then I have to see what all the fuss is about. That’s what David Chang did at Momofuku Milk Bar in the East Village. So how was their “trademark” cereal milk? It was absolutely decadent and rich. The sweet taste of cereal and milk all in one. Basically, take a bowl of leftover cornflakes in milk and well, that’s it. Be careful though, you may get so overwhelmed by the flavor of liquid cereal that you can give yourself a real stomach ache.

The soft serve is also ridiculously good. With flavors like cereal milk, grasshopper pie, and crack pie. My experience with the soft serve can be summed up by one word- transcendental.

The cereal milk soft serve is a decadent treat.

There is no way you can leave without trying the savory pork bun with pork belly, scallions, cucumbers, and sweet hoison sauce. The pork belly in all it’s glory is wrapped in this pillowy steamed bun. It’s soft. It’s fatty. It’s super tender and juicy. The flavor is bursting and the sauce oozes out and down your hand. I get why this is David Chang’s signature dish. They’re so damn additive!

David Chang's signature pork bun.

There are various original pies at Momofuku Milk Bar too like the candy bar pie, cinnamon pie, or the most popular, crack pie. The name really says it all. The crack pie is made with toasted oat crust and gooey butter filling. It couldn’t get any better, unless there was actual crack in it. All joking aside, this really is a mind blowing dessert!

Crack Pie. The name says it all!

All in all, Momofuko Milk Bar can fix any creamy, salty, or buttery craving. It’s simply the perfect unhealthy snack.

207 2nd Ave
(between 12th St & 13th St)
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village

(212) 254-3500


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