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Xi’an Famous Foods

In Food on February 24, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Xi’an Famous Foods is a restaurant that does not disappoint. Well, it is not so much a restaurant but a place big enough for a kitchen and a few friends. Not your typical Chinese take out food, but a place that prides itself on a unique cuisine of Middle-Eastern and Chinese dishes. Trust me when I say your taste buds will be enticed. And one of the best parts about this place is that all the food is made in a very authentic fashion.

The flavors of Chinese food are present, however, the combination of cumin and other middle eastern flavors are inspired in the Xian cuisine. I recommend getting the Savory Cumin Lamb Burger. The bread was nice and toasted and the lamb was tender and full of spicy flavor enhanced by the jalapenos, onions, and scallions. If you can’t handle the spice (to the point where sweat is dripping down your forehead) maybe steer clear of this one.

Oh yes, and the noodles. If you like a rich, thick, and perfectly cooked noodle, then this place is for you. I especially love the Savory Cumin Lamb Hand-Pulled Noodles. This dish is packed full of bold flavors like chili oil and cumin that really liven it up. The texture of their hand ripped noodles were not too soft and not too hard. Don’t worry if you have no more room to finish, they’re great re-heated.

Although this place is literally a hole in the wall, crowds of people will still line up for the authenticity, flavor, and value. Definitely one cheap eat that I will continue to frequent.

Check out their cheap eats on menupages.

81 St. Mark’s Place
New York, NY 10003
Weekdays & Sundays:
Fridays & Saturdays:
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