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Calling All Chocoholics

In Food on February 7, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Jacques Torres has earned his reputation as “Mr. Chocolate” for his mind blowing chocolate concoctions. With a chocolate factory on Brooklyn’s waterfront and a couple of New York locations, Torres has won over the hearts of chocoholics everywhere. I for one have made the trip to the Upper West Side chocolate haven to indulge in his line of dark and milk chocolate confections. The shelves are packed with everything from chocolate covered corned flakes and cheerios to chocolate covered nuts, pretzels, and popcorn.

I found myself browsing endlessly, so I asked the staff for their recommendations. They started by giving me a sample of the peanut butter bonbons. Mmmmmm. Perfection! Creamy and rich, these bonbons almost taste like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup but better.

I was also told that I had to try the chocolate chip cookies. They were absolutely divine! Extremely chocolate-y and gooey and freshly baked. The Mudslides (chocolate chocolate chip cookies) are also amazing. They are even better if you warm them up (which they will do for you if you just ask). The first bite is pure chocolate just oozing and melting right out of the cookie.

The chocolate covered pretzels hit the spot if you want a sweet and salty snack. These mini-twisted pretzels are covered in their creamiest milk chocolate. If you have no self control then I wouldn’t recommend leaving these babies around.

Another sweet and salty favorite is the caramel chocolate popcorn. These big chunks of popcorn are so buttery, sugary, and crunchy. I love that Jacques Torres took freshly popped popcorn, mixed in caramel and drizzled his signature dark chocolate to make this irresistibly delicious treat!

Torres even created a “pick me up” bar called the A.M. Quickie. It’s a chocolate bar packed with cornflakes, raisin bran, and rice krispies coated by a layer of milk chocolate and a layer of dark chocolate. What better way to have cereal and chocolate in the morning than an all-in-one bar? Maybe this will give people a reason not to skip out on breakfast now.

Jacques Torres in three words is “pure chocolate bliss”.  It’s a must go for any chocolate lovers!

285 Amsterdam Ave
(between 73rd St & 74th St)
New York, NY 10023
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

(212) 787-3256

  1. i LOOOOVE chocolate!

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