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Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

In Food on January 20, 2011 at 9:25 pm

Cesare Casella is a celebrated chef who was raised outside of Lucca, Italy where his parents owned Vipore, a small trattoria. It was here that Cesare embraced his cooking skills and passion for food.  Cesare was named Executive Chef of Coco Pazzo in New York City in 1993. By March 2001, Cesare was ready to open his first solo restaurant, Beppe, in honor of his grandfather, Giuseppe Polidori. Cesare then launched “Republic of Beans”, an Italian import company. In 2005, Cesare opened Maremma, the critically acclaimed Italian restaurant, which was named one of the Top 5 “Best New Restaurants” in New York City by New York Magazine.

Cesare opened his latest adventure, Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto with Italian meat masters Parmacotto, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Salumeria Rosi is now a place you can call “the neighborhood salumeria”. You can come in and order a pound of prosciutto at the meat counter or cozy up with a glass of vino and enjoy a great Italian dinner.

The menu includes an extensive selection of seasoned salumi, such as prosciutto from Parma and San Daniele, to an imported mortadella. A showcase of all their Italian charcuterie captures your attention as soon as you walk through the doors. You can’t help but notice what everyone is ordering at the deli counter.

With such a vast menu it was hard to decide on what to get. So we compromised by ordering the Selezione del Salumiere (cured meats plate) which included 7 samples of salumi, all selected by the Salumiere. One of my favorites was the Il Parmacotto, which was their signature cooked ham. Now this is what real ham should taste like! The Pancetta was also to die for. Thin slice of pork belly that just melts in your mouth. I am usually not a huge fan of mortadella but this tasted like the real thing and not just another deli cold cut. But my all time favorite had to be the Prosciutto di Parma. Phenomenal! What a perfect blend of salt and sweet to entice your taste buds.

Among their salads was one that I couldn’t pass up… the Acciughe Marinate. Perfect little white anchovies marinated in extra virgin olive oil and vinegar with radicchio rosso. Not everyone can enjoy anchovies with bitter radicchio, but these are flavors that I embrace.

The lasagna was actually petite in size but a perfect square of cheese and ground meat. A memorable dish.

We also tried the Costina, which was on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate“. This spicy Tuscan spare rib is slow-cooked with Italian tomatoes, rosemary, and garlic. Although it was Anne Burrell’s favorite thing, it wasn’t mine. But I also can’t say anything bad about this dish.

The Gnocchi di Batata, made from sweet potatoes, is a classic dish to enjoy in the winter time. This hand-rolled sweet potato gnocchi is seasoned with sage,  toasted garlic and Pecorino Romano.

Usually by this point I can’t even think about dessert. However, as soon as I spotted the Semi-Freddo I couldn’t resist. This was such a unique take on the classic Italian frozen dessert but with parmigiano reggiano parfait, prosciutto di parma brittle, and fresh figs. I love when there are savory elements to a dessert!

You can’t go wrong at this tapas style Italian “meatery”. Yes they are well known for their cured meats but don’t neglect the rest of the dishes that Casella has creatively mustered up.

283 Amsterdam Ave
(between 73rd St & 74th St)
New York, NY 10023
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

(212) 877-4800



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