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Fuleen Seafood Part II

In Food on January 3, 2011 at 6:28 pm

Yes this is my second post about Fuleen Seafood Restaurant but I couldn’t resist sharing with you again. Every time I go to this gem in Chinatown I can’t help but get this giddy feeling. As soon as I walk through the doors I am welcomed by the staff in their matching uniforms. We sit down at our over sized round tables where the magic begins. I don’t think I have looked at the menu in ages. The waitress comes over and already knows what I want to order. “One pound live shrimp and clam soup” she says anxiously. Of course that is what I want. I reply ” Yes, can we also get the razor clams and fried little white fish?” Ah I cannot wait.

First the clam soup arrives. It was spicier than usual. The soup was full of celery and ginger with dried chillies. The clams were cooked to perfection. This “miracle” soup can cure any hangover or illness.

The steamed live shrimp is such a sweet treat. They are piping hot so be careful. You know they are super fresh because they are swimming in the front window upon your arrival. They usually will bring them to your table live for your “approval” before they are cooked.

Once the razor clams arrived I was already in heaven. They were ridiculously scrumptious and gleaming.

The fried little white fish are so much fun to eat. They are delicately crispy. It’s like eating french fries but a million times better.

This place is yet to be put on the “tourist radar” so maybe I should stop writing about it…. I guess I’ll take my chances.


11 Division St
(between Catherine St & Market St)
New York, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Chinatown

(212) 941-6888

  1. Yum..this place looks delicious!! Great post!!!

  2. This is making my mouth water. I hope I can get back to NYC soon as I miss the incredible dining options that the city offered. Good work. I’m following your blog.

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