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Fishtag Restaurant

In Food on December 20, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Let me start off of by saying that the real reason I wanted to go to Fishtag was to see if I would run into Ryan Skeen. Not because I am a huge fan, but because I wanted to hear about his early departure from 5 & Diamond and his new collaboration with Michael Psilakis. I am in no way friends with the guy nor do I even think he would remember me, however, chatting with him brings about some pretty interesting conversation. Let’s just say he isn’t on the Eater “Shit Show” All-Star team for nothing.

This space was formely housed by Gus & Gabriel, Kefi, and Onera. Now the new focus for Psilakis is seafood. What’s interesting about the menu is that it lists all dishes from lightest to heaviest. I’m not a huge fan of this layout because it seems all over the place, but it is what it is. You can order your fish their way, or you can have it simply grilled over an open flame, dressed with lemon and olive oil.

We started off with the Sea Urchin Crudo in Ocean Water and the Scallop Cruddo with pickled beets and pistachio tartare, bone marrow, and peppercress. Crudo is served raw, with flavorings added before it is served. You either love sea urchin or you hate it. I happen to be an absolute fan of sea urchin so the Sea Urchin Crudo dish was a hit for me. It was light and refreshing. The Scallop Crudo, being my least favorite dish, was slightly warm. The actual flavor of the scallop was drowned by the many ingredients going on in the dish.


For our main entrees we ordered the Grilled Swordfish and Greek Sausage and the Lamb Burger with pickled french fries. These were not our first choices, because unfortunately for us they were out of the Mussels & Spicy Lamb, as well as the Grilled Branzino stuffed with Head Cheese. The swordfish was just average and although the chef forgot to add the sausage to my entree, as soon as I did receive it the meal was complete. However, I still think that less is more.

The Lamb Burger, which actually tasted more like a gyro, was delicious, although very heavy. The burger was a combination of ground lamb and pork which resulted in absolute juiciness. The french fries were super crispy and tasted more like potato chips than fries.

I commend Psilakis on his new efforts. The menu, though a bit ambitious and overpriced, offers an array of seafood with some protein too. Having Ryan Skeen as the chef de cuisine is quite a risk but let’s see how long Mr. Skeen will last in the kitchen. Bets anyone?


222 W 79th St
(between Amsterdam Ave & Broadway)
Manhattan, NY 10024
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

(212) 362-7470


  1. Helya…your blog looks great. I just got a new phone and dont have anyway to contact you guys. Can you email me Erics number. I want to see you guys and check out the resturant. forgive me if you got the email i sent.

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