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lee-lai Natural Beauty

In Fashion on December 17, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Lee-lai Natural Beauty is a fresh and clean line of all natural skincare products created in Brooklyn, New York. Lee-lai quality 99.99-100% natural and 80-100% organic ingredients combine with fresh unique fragrances to deliver a multi-sensory experience. The ingredients are placed with a purpose and include a wide range of potent plant oils and botanicals.
Lee-lai products are always free from parabens, sulfates, phylates, chemical preservatives, fillers, detergents, and mineral oils. One great aspect of Lee-lai is that they are focused on staying green and giving people a broader choice of green products. These products are handcrafted in the USA in eco-friendly and sustainable facilities. Lee-lai never has and never will test on animals. Lee-lai Natural Beauty is available in retail stores around the country and in Hong Kong.

Origin of lee-lai

The story of Lee-lai began in Brooklyn one day in late October.  Founder Cyan Bonacci was growing tiresome of her endless battle with dry itchy skin associated with eczema, the fall and winter months being especially irritating. She tried everything under the sun to apease her skin and ended up further aggravating the problem. When Cyan’s father fell ill she decided to take a second look at what she was putting on her skin. After discovering that skincare products actually penetrate into our bodies she opened her medicine cabinet and peered onto the backs of the bottles. What she found were words which sounded more like riddles and rhymes than anything that could help her. She reconsidered the products she exposed herself to, as well as the environment, and got back to the basics.

Cyan then pursued her desire to create a line of products that would rectify common problems without sacrificing style and creativity. She felt that organic products need not be bland but could instead be fun, artistic, and sophisticated. What ensued was an amalgamation of quality ingredients blended with fresh unique fragrances and packaged with a clean and stylish design.

Lee-lai was named after Cyan’s childhood nickname given to her by her father.  She has always been a firm believer in natural and alternative medicine and undestands that most illnesses are preventative in nature. Cyan has a pescetarian diet and uses only natural products in her everyday life. The line began selling in boutiques in Brooklyn and Manhattan and is now available around the world.


Lee-lai has been featured in People magazine, Time Out New York, Wee Baby Stuff, and Cool Mom Picks just to name a few.

“Like” lee-lai on Facebook and get 20% off plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30 dollars. Email for the offer code. (offer ends 3/20/2011)

Learn more about Lee-lai Natural Beauty on the company website:


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