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Epistrophy Cafe in Nolita

In Food on October 17, 2010 at 11:59 pm

Dim lighting, brick walls, cushioned window seats, and wooden bookshelves displaying bottles of wine and cookbooks creates an intimate setting for this cozy little cafe in Nolita. Eclectic music plays to a clientele of well dressed 30-somethings. This is definitely a place where people from the neighborhood come to meet up with friends for dinner or drinks. You will find people reading a book and having espresso to munching on delicious cheese plates and enjoying a glass of wine. They do offer a selection of Italian and international wines served by the bottle or glass and at a very reasonable price.

The plush sofas and coffee tables give it a very “homey” feel. It is especially nice during warmer weather when they leave the large windows open to the fresh air. You can enjoy outside dining too. This is the perfect place to go with your significant other if you want to cozy up by dim lit lamps. The ambiance is charming and the hipster waitstaff are pretty friendly. It can get crowded at times but if you are patient they will try to seat you as soon as possible.

The Tagliere di terra, which is the cheese and cold cuts plate, is absolutely delicious and goes great with their wines. You get a good selection of meats including prosciutto, salami, and mortadella.The pasta was pretty good, but a little on the heavy side. Although next time I will try the gnocchi.

The menu also consists of many shared plates, including crostinis with olive paste and sausage or prosciutto and fontina. The paninis also looked wonderful with so many selections like the salmon, prosciutto, or boneless pork. The burrata, which is made from mozzarella and cream, has a smooth, soft texture and a perfect dish to share.

Although Little Italy and the surrounding neighborhoods can breed heavy tourism, Epistrophy is a few blocks away from most of the insanity. It’s a welcoming little wine bar that is less pretentious than those who may come here. The selection of wines are pretty diverse and the decor is very cute.

Whether you go during warm weather when you can enjoy the fresh summer breeze or on a cold New York night where you can cozy up and enjoy a glass of red wine, Epistrophy is the quaint cafe that can deliver all year round.


200 Mott St
(between Kenmare St & Spring St)
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: Nolita

(212) 966-0904




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