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In Food on October 11, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center

If you have a need for something sweet, visit Bouchon Bakery located on the third floor of the Time Warner Center in New York. Thomas Keller, the American mastermind behind notable restaurants like The French Laundry and Per Se, gives us a little part of Paris with this go to bakery. Bouchon consistently serves up some of the most delightful little concoctions that are out of this world. The chocolate Bouchon is among my favorite pastries. This bite size morsel of goodness is moist and delicious. These small brownie like treats are sprinkled with just a touch of confectioner’s sugar and made to perfection.

Chocolate Bouchons

The macaron will definitely catch your eye too. This classic French pastry is light and crisp outside and soft and chewy inside. The flavors of macarons at Bouchon Bakery change with the seasons, like the pumpkin macaron for fall.

Pumpkin Macaron just in time for fall!









Perfect combination of crunchy to creamy.

Perfect combination of crunchy to creamy.

Want a classic cookie, try the TKO. This magnified oreo cookie is one of Chef Thomas Keller’s favorites. Filled with creamy ganache and a crumbly cookie outside. The perfect combination of crunchiness and creaminess. I must warn you again that this cookie is huge and you will most likely want a nice cold glass of milk to go with it.

The "fugheddaboutit" cookie

And if they aren’t already sold out you have to try the “fugheddaboutit” cookie. This rice crispy treat is topped with salted caramel, all dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with more salt on top.

Bouchon Bakery is decadence in all simplicity. They use traditional French baking techniques and create marvelous pastries for us to savor. Next time you are near Columbus Circle make it a point to stop by Bouchon Bakery for a little or a lot of dessert.


10 Columbus Circle
3rd Fl
(between W Central Park & Broadway)
New York, NY 10019
Neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West

(212) 823-9366

map it





  1. OHHHH i love this place! the tko and the macarons! i used to walk, yes WALK, from 116th all the way to 60th for their macarons 😀

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