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Blue Ribbon Bakery: West Village Landmark

In Food on October 7, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Blue Ribbon Bakery

On the corner of 35 Downing street right in the heart of the West Village is Blue Ribbon Bakery, a traditional American go to spot. Not only is Blue Ribbon Bakery a premier bakery, but it also houses one of the oldest brick ovens in New York City. Located in the basement of the bakery, this 140 year old brick oven churns out some of the greatest breads and food served at the restaurant. The brick oven even operates around large tables if you are interested in having a party or event there.

Delicious, fresh baked bread is served daily at Blue Ribbon Bakery.

Besides getting a sneak peak at the fresh baked bread being made in the basement, you will feel like you were transported  to Italy. The basement is really captivating with it’s old school stone cobbling and romantic atmosphere. Trust me it is a real treat!

The basement of Blue Ribbon Bakery is entirely stone cobbled.



The bread was absolutely amazing, as it should be. They start you off with a bountiful basket full of a variety of warm freshly baked bread. The bread is soft, airy, and simply delicious. But put your butter knife down before you fill up on bread!

Blue Ribbon Bakery bakes the finest breads.




There are so many menu options at Blue Ribbon Bakery that you may need to ask the waiter for extra time to decide. The best thing to do is order a bunch of small hot and cold plates and share. They also offer a selection of cheeses that are directly aged and ripened in the farms of Vermont. And if you are with a larger group you have to order the Butcher’s Platter off the Charcuterie menu which includes Saucison Sec, Pâté, Rillette, Foie Gras, Coto di Parma, and Serrano Ham. What can be better than that?

Fresh vegetables served at Blue Ribbon Bakery.

If you are in the mood for something lighter try the Market Salad which includes fresh Romaine, Asparagus, Carrots, Cucumber, Artichoke, Tomatoes, Olives, Beets, Chick Peas, Hard Boiled Egg and Grilled Onion. That should give you enough servings of vegetables for the day.

You will always find seasonal dishes and specials at Blue Ribbon Bakery. I had a side of the roasted butternut squash and it was sweet and lightly seasoned. Most of the ingredients at Blue Ribbon Bakery are not pretentious. You will literally recognize everything on the menu. That’s what makes coming here feel comfortable, yet you still have that fine dining experience.

Roasted Butternut Squash


They also have a variety of entrees, mainly fish, that will catch your eye. The salmon with asparagus, mashed potatoes and mustard sauce was so hearty and satisfying. Although, next time I go back I will probably try one of their sandwiches because they look tremendous. I couldn’t help but notice that someone at the table across from me ordered the Duck Club Sandwich . They really seemed like they were enjoying it all to themselves, although it is big enough to serve two.

Salmon with asparagus, mashed potatoes, and mustard sauce.


So what’s my verdict for Blue Ribbon Bakery? It’s a must go. I left feeling full and happy. With so many options to choose from in New York City, why not go to the place that really does live up to all the hype. There is something special about this place that definitely makes it a West Village Landmark.




35 Downing St
(between Bedford St & Varick St)
New York, NY 10014
Neighborhood: West Village

(212) 337-0404


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