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Hidden gem in LES

In Food on October 1, 2010 at 5:15 pm

Jadis is the perfect location for an intimate evening.

Tucked away on 42 Rivington in the Lower East Side is a great little French wine bar, Jadis. This cozy and rustic wine bar is the perfect spot for a laid back evening with friends. It couldn’t have been a more perfect setting to spend a rainy New York night. There wasn’t an overwhelming crowd of people, nor annoying top 40s music drowning out any attempts at a conversation. The lighting was dim and the atmosphere was comfortable.

Great for groups of friends.

They have over 30 wines available by the glass or carafe and the selections are fantastic. We happened to go on a Monday night which is when they feature a selection of wines over $40 dollars by the bottle for half price. As the night went on, one bottle turned into two, then 3, then 4, and finally we stopped by the fifth bottle. Luckily I was there with five friends, nonetheless, whether you are a big group or just two people, the prices are affordable.

Duck Rillettes

The food menu includes a selection of charcuterie, fromages, quiches, and so much more. We ordered the duck rillettes, which was slightly salty, but tender and delicious. Rillettes are some kind of meat (rabbit, pork, or in this case, duck) slowly cooked in fat and then pounded into a paste. Rillettes are really a peasant dish in origin, but it is simply something you have to try for yourself. They served it with some warm French bread and mustard.

We ordered a cheese plate to go with our wine, which was the Nebbiolo d’Alba “Ochetti” Renato Ratti 2007 from Piedmont, Italy. The waitress was incredibly friendly and helped us decide on four cheeses to accompany our wine. They have some pretty unique cheese combinations, like the Brie Goat, which tasted divine with the baguette and a little olive oil. We also enjoyed the Tomme de Savoie, which is a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese that has a creamy interior and thick rind. My favorite cheese was the Fourme d’Ambert because I am a huge fan of blue cheese. This pasterized cow’s milk blue cheese is one of France’s oldest cheeses. It is also aged for about 30 days and injected with a sweet white wine.

Selection of delicious cheese

To top off the amazing night we ordered a bottle of Prosecco for the table. The bottle was rather inexpensive. I also ordered a glass of the Port Graham’s Six Grapes dessert wine which was sweet but resembled Brandy in taste.

Jadis is my new favorite spot for a low key night in the city. Quality wines, tasty platters, and great service are just a few reasons why I will be a repeat customer. Whether you are looking to have a romantic evening out or an intimate experience with friends, Jadis is just the place to escape to. And who doesn’t like happy hour specials? They have those too every Tuesday through Saturday from 5-7 pm half off wines by the glass.

42 Rivington St
New York, NY 10079
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

(212) 254-1675

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  1. This has been my go-to spot in the hood for years. DON’T TELL ANY MORE PEOPLE!

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