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Brandon Dailey: The Artist and Innovator

In Fashion on September 15, 2010 at 1:14 pm

Brandon Dailey is not only an extraordinary and innovative hair stylist, but he is also the lead hair designer for one of Broadway’s musical sensations, Green Day’s American Idiot. I had the opportunity to catch up with him at Mudhoney Hair Salon on Sullivan street to get an inside look at his life as a visionary artist.

Where are you from and who was a major influence in your childhood?

I was born in a little town called Shelby North Carolina. When I was 5 we moved from Shelby to a town called Cornelius which is about 20 minutes outside of Charlotte on a lake. My mom was always the biggest influence in my life and for that I am quite the mamas boy.

How did you decide on your career?

My career was almost more decided for me. Growing up in North Carolina and not drinking or doing drugs I needed to get in to some sort of trouble, so I began a life of crime. Luckily things came to a head and I needed to make decisions. After talking it through with my mom in the laundry room about either going to jail for a long time or doing something with my life. We both decided that something would be hair. It was always something I was very interested in as a kid because my mom always used to cut my whole families hair including mine and never had any training.

Were you self taught or trained to become a hair stylist?

I went to hair school in Greensboro, NC.  There I met a mentor of mine. A guy by the name of Kenny Kallum from Toni and Guy. He taught me everything he knew and things he didn’t.

What has been your experience trying to make it as a hair stylist in New York?

Being a hairstylist in NC was easy. I was who everyone wanted to come to and known all around. Coming to NYC was the next step in my growth as a hairdresser. Its been a long hard road but I think its beginning to pay off.

The cast of American Idiot joined Green Day onstage for the halftime show of the NY Jets recently. What was your role with this Broadway sensation?

American Idiot is a show that I acted as the lead hair designer for. This came with a lot of responsibilities and was actually incredibly difficult but extremely rewarding.

The Cast of Broadway's "American Idiot"

Are you currently working on any other projects?

I have recently started to work on another show as a Hair Consultant called Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Between it, American Idiot, and the salon I keep a pretty full schedule.

What are your future plans and do you want to open your own salon one day?

At the very most, 5 years, I plan to have my own salon. The details are incredibly secretive..but I can tell you that it will be the best place you will ever walk into. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did you set out to create your own style and technique or did it emerge on its own?

My technique emerged out of a mishmash of watching others, things Ive learned in classes over the years and not being afraid to try things to better my craft.

What hair trends can we expect this fall?

Hair trends that you should expect for fall are bangs. They will be back in full swing and I think we will be working with natural texture of hair a lot more. Color for women I still see the dark fading into the light to stick around for a little longer. As far as men are concerned.. I think that the 1930s-50s hair styles are coming on very strong right now and I don’t really see that letting up anytime soon.

Brandon has also been featured in many magazines for his impressive tattoos.

You can expect nothing short of a cutting edge experience with hair stylist Brandon Dailey. And although he is in demand and consistently working on projects, Brandon still makes time to take on new clients.

148 Sullivan St
(between Houston St & Prince St)
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: South Village
(212) 533-1160
map it

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