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Little treats in Little Italy

In Food on September 7, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Ferrara Cookies & Biscuits

If you have a craving for something sweet then Ferrara’s Bakery & Cafe in Little Italy is the place to go. This bakery has been open since 1892 and takes first place for my favorite Italian dessert shop in New York City. There is a huge selection of pastries to choose from, whether you are in the mood for their delicious crispy cannoli’s filled with ricotta cheese or their soft pignoli cookies with the sweet taste of almonds and pine nuts. Your mouth waters when you see these little morsels of goodness behind the glass case.

Ferrara pastries

So much to choose

Pignoli cookies

from, where should you start? How about one of each? Ok, maybe not one of each but I can tell you what was in my tray of of freshly baked tasty treats. That’s right, you can get pounds of these delectable treasures to take home and feast on. First off, you must get the Pignoli cookie. This delicious, lightly golden cookie, is so soft, moist, and chewy. You may want to get a pound of these cookies alone.  And if you want a virtual kaleidoscope of flavors and colors you have to try the rainbow cookie. Each layer is a unique flavor of sweetness in your mouth, from chocolate to hazelnut and cherry. I would enjoy each layer on its own to get the real experience first. You can enjoy a selection of their amazing hot drinks since this is “America’s first espresso bar” or indulge in their sweet and savory treats. Whatever you are in the mood for, this place has it all.

With so many tourists coming in and out you would think the servers would grow impatient,but my experience was great and the service was outstanding and fast. They stay open late too if you’re a night owl like me. So if you can handle the crowds that are usually awaiting this fine dessert establishment, check this place out!

My Ferrara cookie tray selection

195 Grand St
(between Mott St & Mulberry St)
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhood: Little Italy map it

(212) 226-6150

  1. this is making me hungry!! great review!

  2. omg i love ferrara’s. we go there every year on out annual nyc trip. i love it and such a neat atmosphere. i’m enjoying your blog!

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