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A home cooked meal…

In Food on September 1, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Chicken with turmeric and lemon pepper

I am home in Ruston for the week and wanted to share with you some home cooked meals my mom has made

Mom preparing rice

for me. The images are traditional Persian dishes that I grew up with and will always love. She cooks with a lot of dill, saffron, turmeric, and other Persian spices.

Basmati rice with huckleberry

Unfortunately, I do not carry the same skills as her. She tries to teach me but my passion for food solely comes from eating it. I never appreciated how much time and effort it took for her to make us these amazing meals when I was younger. Now I can see that she really does cook from her heart. So this post is dedicated to my mom and the love and passion that pours out of her food. Thank you mom for keeping our culture alive and nourishing us with dishes that bring us back to our childhood.

" Bademjan" (Eggplant stew)

"Kooko0 Sabzi" (Persian herbed omelet)

Q & A with the chef herself:

How long does it take to cook long grain rice?

I use Basmati rice and it takes me around 20-30 minutes.

Who taught you how to cook?

I was raised in a talented family. My dad was a pastry chef and my mom and sisters always cooked.

What is your favorite seasoning to cook with?

Besides Persian spices, I love to cook with lemon pepper.

  1. Helya, I love your blog! Your mom’s dishes look amazing! Where do you eat in the city when you are craving Persian/Middle Eastern food?

  2. wow. looks amazing. helya! you gotta have a pot luck party 😉

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