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What’s for dinner?

In Food on August 27, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Last night I went to the Chelsea Market for some inspiration on what to have for dinner. If you have never been to the Chelsea Market make it a point to go. There is something there for everyone. I walked into Buon Italia because they always have the very best and freshest selection of meats, cheeses, pastas, etc. My eyes immediately wandered to the caviar encased in glass. Caviar is a luxury delicacy and usually served as a spread with hors d’oeuvres. I knew I had to have it for dinner. I grabbed a package of blini (thin pancakes), creme fraiche, and smoked trout. You don’t have to include the smoked trout but why wouldn’t you? This is something that anyone can make at home. Simply mix the creme fraiche and smoked trout together and spread on top of the lightly toasted blini. Top it off with your choice of caviar. Beluga, Ossetra, and Sevruga caviar are the finest and the priciest, so if you aren’t looking to break the bank pike or hackleback caviar is great too. Oh yeah, caviar goes great with vodka or a dry white wine or champagne.

So the next time you find yourself pondering what to have for dinner, indulge yourself in this salty delicacy. Your taste buds will thank you!

  1. Sounds delicious!

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