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So fresh and so clean

In Fashion on August 24, 2010 at 4:53 pm

Molton Brown is on Gilt Goupe today at amazing prices! If you aren’t already a member sign up and take advantage of this great deal and many more. I racked up on some goodies and you should to before everything is sold out. Trust me it is worth every penny! I have been using Molton Brown for a couple of months now and I haven’t looked back. They feature a variety of  lavish products including skincare, haircare, and body needs. I love all of their bath and shower products (ok maybe I am a little obsessed). Among my favorites is the “enlivening toko-yuzu” and “heavenly ginger” bath & shower gel.  Even the names sound invigorating. And gentlemen, Molton Brown is not just exclusive to women. They feature several grooming products for men too. In fact, one of their most popular products is the “cool buchu” anti-perspirant stick and the “fresh bushukan citrus” body wash. Reveling and relaxing in the bath isn’t solely for women anymore, so don’t feel the need to rush through a shower when you use these products.  Men, the lady (or man) in your life will be pleasantly surprised.

Did I mention these products can also bring peace to your mind and relieve the tension in your life? Well I am referring to the Molton Brown “cedrus temple soother”. This comforting cedrus oil relaxes your mind and encourages a restful night of sleep. You may be wondering why I am taking the time to talk about bath products. In my opinion, taking care of your skin is important. We have to stay clean don’t we? So why would you use sub-par products on our bodies?  Do your body a favor and steer away from all the synthetic ingredients in commercial products. It’s time to nourish and rejuvenate your skin with Molton Brown. I did and I am so fresh and so clean (:


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